Professional Mold Making
Since 1992

CCFX have been food shaping experts for almost 20 years.

We have a proven track record and are not a pop-up company just arriving on the scene after a year or two. We are much more than just mold makers. We use the experience of working with thousands of chefs over the years to bring you smart solutions fast. Years ago, we started as The Chicago School of Mold Making teaching executive chefs and entrepreneurs specialized knowledge about how to shape ingredients of all kinds efficiently and safely. 

We realize most people have never purchased molds before and do not know it takes a special skill to really design a good food shaping solution. You could work with another 'engineering only' mold maker and receive beautiful molds only to find out later they do not handle well when in use or that they did not design in all the little helpful tricks that will make your workflow go smoothly.

There are several engineering-based mold makers out there, but we are the only one in the country that designs our molds specifically with food casting in mind.
We bring solutions and help prevent problems from happening. There is a reason we have been successful for so long. We help you win.

Why are CCFX molds superior?

Made In House

  • Made in USA
  • We are both a design and production facility making all our molds in house
  • We do not use subs or any raw materials from Asia or China


  • CCFX molds..
    • Are third-party lab tested
    • Are Food Contact Safe
    • Are commercial dishwasher safe
    • Do not have BPAs or fillers

Heat Cured

  • CCFX molds are heat cured for more than 10 hours at 400°F
    • A heat/bake stable mold is valuable for those who want to regularly oven 'clean' their mold to burn off/reduce organic residue
    • 'Bake off' molds reduce some odors/flavor transfer that can build up on a mold

Stacking Nubs

  • Stacking nubs in our molds allow you to stack molds on top of each other saving you valuable kitchen and refrigeration space
  • CCFX molds do not collapse or distort under the weight of other molds

Unmold Easily

  • CCFX molds are designed to unmold your edibles quickly & efficiently
  • CCFX heavy mat-roll back molds allow you to turn a mold over and roll it back on itself to release the edibles

Flower Cuts

  • CCFX flower cut molds have handmade cuts through strategic points in your mold that will add to the flexibility of your mold
  • Flower cuts do not impact the durability or longetivity of your mold

We offer a variety of beautiful in-stock THC and CBD silicone molds.  
If you have a design in mind, let's get in contact. We can create just about any shape and marking you could imagine.